Introducing Island Sustainability Alliance CIS Inc.

 The Society is established under the Incorporated Societies Act 1994 (hereinafter called “the Act”) for the object of :  

2.1 To work with government, private and community sector organisations to develop initiatives that strengthen the community, protect natural resources and human health drawing on traditional knowledge where appropriate.  

2.2 To advocate and promote waste management strategies that assist organizations and innovators with new ideas for utilizing recovered materials and to switch from wasteful and damaging methods to value-added resource recovery systems that help build sustainable local economies.    

2.3 To advocate, encourage and promote local community enterprises in areas such as eco-tourism, habitat protection, adaptation to climate change, energy efficiency, recycling  and minimization of waste, reduction or elimination of air, water and soil pollution.  

2.4 To research local and international trading opportunities between community enterprises and to look beyond traditional growth models to identify local resources and ways to protect and enhance the environment and create sustainable wealth.  

2.5 To address the problem of unsustainable resource flows through such strategies as cleaner production, product dismantling, remanufacturing, re-use, recycling, composting  and export for proper disposal.

2.6 To promote, adapt and disseminate information about technologies and processes that will provide effective alternatives to destructive and/or harmful technologies through the appropriate use of best available technology and best environmental practice.  

2.7 To assist with achievement of sustainable local development outcomes by assisting community organizations with project proposals, and the management and distribution of funds for community benefit